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A Garage Door Sensor In Yakima Guards Your Most Vulnerable Entryway

If you’re like other Yakima people, your garage door is one of the most susceptible entrances at your house. You might by mistake forget to close it if you’re running late for work. You might also find it may not go down entirely after you put out the trash cans at the end of the day. However, there’s no chance you will leave the garage door up again if you use a Yakima garage door sensor that’s connected with your home’s security.

When installing a Yakima garage door sensor you can:

● Check the status of your garage door on any mobile device

● Operate your garage door from anywhere in the world

● Receive updates on your smartphone if your garage door opens

● Automatically shut and secure your door according to a set timetable

● Incorporate with most brands of overhead doors

ADT Mobile Control App in Yakima

Operate Your Garage Door From Your Smartphone

If you’re rushing before leaving for work, you may not wait to see if the garage door is closed before you pull away. But with your garage door sensor, you have the ability to determine the status when you get to work with the help of the ADT Control mobile app. When you discover that it’s wide open, you can secure it with a single push of a button. If it’s a common habit, you can take advantage of the app features and direct your Yakima garage door sensor to bring the door back down a minute or two after it opened.

Receive Updates If Your Garage Door Opens

You will know when your garage door goes up by an alert to your phone. You will enjoy the peace of mind knowing when your teens enter through the garage when they get home. Or be able to call and tell your significant other to get dinner started after they park the car. In rare situations when you're not expecting the garage door to activate, you can quickly investigate the circumstances by reviewing the video feed from your surveillance system.

ADT Security System Keyfob in Yakima

Make Your Yakima Garage Door Sensor A Trusted Aspect of Your Smart Home

A garage door sensor should be a vital aspect of your Yakima smart house. Your garage door can automatically open when a fire or flood emergency is detected, creating an opening for first responders to bring in large equipment. When your surveillance devices find unusual motion, your garage door sensor will trigger to make certain that the biggest opening into your home is shut and locked.

There’s also an option to have your garage door respond to voice commands through your AI assistant. You can notify your virtual assistant that you're going out, and have your garage door lower as your locks engage and the home defense alarms initialize. You can also tell your smart speaker “goodnight” and have your system ensure all your alarms and components are secure for the night.

Order Your Garage Door Sensor When Planning Your Yakima Home Defense

A garage door sensor is a smart add-on to your ADT security system. When reaching out to Secure24 Alarm Systems, our dedicated staff will make sure you have the deal plan for your property. Place a call to (509) 240-9777 or complete the form below to begin your home security upgrade.